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For many years the effect of transient voltage surges was not recognized even though equipment damage did occur in many cases and obviously equipment life is getting shorter and shorter . This is especially the case over the last ten years, as mains powered electronic equipment has become much more sophisticated and susceptible to transients. In addition, although the number of power outages is lessening, transient surges due to the lightning activities, power company grid switching and heavy load equipment operations have increased. According to some international statistics, the direct and indirect economic loss of these damages cost thousand million pounds in the world every year.

Take action NOW to protect your electronic equipment by using Leps surge protectors(or named TVSS, SPD, surge arrestor).......

With 26 series and about a few thousand varieties of protection devices, you can find any protection requirements here. Please check out our site for more details and welcome to join us as a business partner…




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LSP series Lighting Surge Protection module is designed to offer surge and transients protection for LED lighting systems like LED signage, street lighting, traffic light, roadway lighting, parking garage lighting


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